I went to a seminar recently where we were asked to define the word remarkable. It turned out to be “worth talking about”. In a cluttered market space, where people are inundated in both print and digital media, how do you stand out from the crowd? Like a bespoke pair of shoes, Welcome Basket has that old school touch, the person to person contact and the friendly verbal recommendation.
We deliver a basket of information, gifts and vouchers to new residents in the area. Beautifully wrapped and hand delivered, and free to the new resident, it is a cherished gift. One that will not simply be chucked out with the junk mail. Local small businesses have the opportunity to offer a gift or voucher to incentivise the new resident to try their service. Combined with the verbal endorsement from Welcome Basket, it will bring new clients through your door.
Contact us today if you would like more information on emma@welcomebasket.com.au or 0417739712